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            My name is Pradeep V.S.  I come from Telangana (near Maharashtra border) I was born and brought up in a non-Christian family. As such my life also was with the flow of this present world; but then when I was in the 11th grade, God's grace sought me. In other words, some people of God shared the Gospel of our Lord and Redeemer to me.

            By His grace, through faith, I was born again into the family of God in  the month of March - 2016. So, right from the beginning I had a desire to study the word of God; and I conveyed this matter to brother Premkumar, the local Evangelist, who directed me to SBC. By the grace of God, I could get the admission here and study for three years. Now I'm studying in the last year of my theological studies. After the studies, I desire to serve the Lord, after a few years from now.  So I request your prayers for me so that I could complete my course and be useful in His ministry.



        Stewards Bible College, Chennai, is a unique institution of its kind in teaching the Word of God systematically. Anyone who is born again, baptized and in fellowship with a local Brethren Assembly, committed to the Lord’s work and desiring a serious study & deeper understanding of the Bible could apply. The medium of instruction being English, the candidates should have a working knowledge of English with preferably+2 or its equivalent.  SBC offers a three- year programme leading to Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) covering almost all aspects of the Bible including various disciplines in Systematic Theology and related subjects.

        Applications are invited for  the  next academic year which is scheduled to begin in the first week of June-2022.  Write today for prospectus and application form:

Stewards Bible College,

1, Bethesda Centre, R.V Nagar, Kodungaiyur P.O,

Chennai-600 118, Tamil Nadu.





                As you are aware the BMCH is a ministry which provided free accommodation and education to poor children. We were having  around 25 children in 2017 and they were given good education both in English and Tamil medium schools, depending on their ability to cope with. They were also given special tuitions wherever necessary.  However due to the strict guidelines and regulations of the government we were unable to admit new children in the home and subsequently had to close it down.                  However the ministry continues with the decision of the Board to support the children of many poor evangelists and needy families. Every family which applies for help is given the help upto two children at the rate of Rs. 5000/- per child, for the present.  The limitation of funds restricts the scope of the ministry. The present ministry is a great blessing. The burden of many for this ministry needs to be demonstrated through prayers and practical fellowship by means of gifts/contributions.



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