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Bi Monthly

Facts from the Field


Selvakumar G. Great Nicobar Island
Brother requests prayers for  VBS programs planned  in seven places during the months of May and June-2022; pray for all the children that they all may come now and accept the Lord. Also pray for wisdom, grace, suitable weather and for all needs. 
Abi Joseph, Port Blair
On 20th March-22, brother mentions that  three believers testified the Lord in waters of  baptism and he  requests prayers for their spiritual growth. 

Andhra Pradesh

Moses V, Nellore
He informs for praise that  the Lord enabled them to build an assembly hall; however, the works are not completed, due to paucity of funds. Prayers are  requested.
Nagaraju P. Kurnool
They had outreach ministries at Dornibad and Bandhi Atmakur on 13th and 17th of February-22. As many people heard the Word of God, prayers are requested for follow-up works.


Ashok Kumar, Muzzaffarpur
Brother informs that in the month of March-22, they could conduct an outreach for six days and requests prayers for the follow-up work and also for his house construction.
Ravi Sankar Prasad
They conducted  one day outreach program on 24th March-22 and requests prayers.


Robinson Roat, Bilaspur
They had conducted a special meeting on 15th to 17th of April-22 and brother Harbhushan Ravana was the guest speaker. More than hundred believers gathered for this meeting. He also requests prayers for the Bible study camp which they are planning to conduct in summer.


Edwin Murmu, Pakur
On 25th and 26th of March-22 they had a gospel outreach. Prayers are sought for those who heard the gospel that they may know the Lord.
Samir Jha, Sahibganj
Brother mentions that his wife is suffering from cancer and they will have to go to Mumbai on 26th September to continue the treatment. He requests earnest prayers of the saints for the speedy healing and for all needs to be met.
Samson P, Chakaradarpur
They had a three weeks long outreach ministries recently. So he requests prayers for the follow-up work and also for the VBS they are planning to conduct in 12 places.


Heskel Jacob, Belgaum
Brother informs that the graduation of the second batch of Belagavi Discipleship Academy was conducted on 13th May 2022, and requests prayers for the graduates, his family and for the on going ministries.
Mahendran C., Attagulipura
They had a VBS program from 5th to 8th of April-22, in which around 130 children attended. Please pray for the spiritual growth of these children.
Rajkumar, Bidar
They had a gospel meeting from 23rd to 25th of April-22. Prayers are needed for the follow-up work, other ministries of the assembly and for the family.
Sabu, Arsikere
They had conducted VBS on 4th and 5th of March and many children attended and heard the Word. Please pray for these children and for the other ministries. 


Chacko P T,  
They had a special Bible study for seekers on April 16th, and brother P M Abraham shared the Word of God. Please pray for those who attended.
George Chelliah, Amaravila
On April 9th and 10th they had a special Bible study in which brother Shanu Samuel, from Adoor  ministered from the Word of God. Brother is seeking prayers of the saints for the ministry in and around here. 
Jesudoss C, Devikulam
They were able to conduct two gospel camps and several outreach programs recently. Six believers have committed to obey the Lord in water baptism. In summer they are planning to have VBS in different places, and request prayers for the same.
Poulose K. A. Thrissur
They had conducted a baptism service for  four believers on 6th April and requests to pray for their spiritual growth. 


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