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knowing not what to say, cried, “Lord it is good for us to be here and let us make three tabernacles, one for Thee, one for Moses and one for Elijah. And while he thus spoke, there came a cloud and overshadowed them. This was the Father’s way of showing them that He would have no mortal man, however holy and devoted, put on a level with His beloved Son. After Christ had died on the cross, and was raised from the dead by omnipotent power, He led His disciples to the mount of Olives, nigh unto Bethany and with His hands lifted up in blessing, was parted from them, and they beheld Him going up, until the cloud received Him out of their sight. When He returns again we shall behold Him on the cloud and every eye shall see Him. So here, when John says, “I saw a mighty Angel clothed with cloud” we may understand at once that this angel can be no creature, but is Himself the Creator of all things, our Lord Jesus Christ, clothed with the sign of the divine majesty.”

And we read, “a rainbow was on His head”. We are immediately taken to the scene in ch.4:3, where we saw the rainbow encircling the throne and its august occupant. Walter Scot opines, “Here the rainbow with its many and variegated colours and glories rests on the head of the angel. It is the same rainbow, this crest of divinity which surrounds the throne (ch.4), and the head (ch.10). Dr. H.A. Ironside opines, “It seems to speak of His coming to confirm the covenant made of old with Noah, after the world had been destroyed by a flood.”

Then we read, “His face was like the sun and His feet like pillars of fire.” Walter Scot states, “Substantially the description here is that of the glory of the Son of Man in ch.1:15,16. There however the feet of the glorious One are mentioned , before His countenance. Both the descriptions apply to the one blessed person in different connections. In the former (ch.1), the expression of His character and glory as man are set forth. In the latter (ch.10), the majority of angelic strength and glory are witnessed. Supreme majesty and government are reflected in His face; while His feet as pillars of fire indicate stability and firmness, the unbelieving holiness of His judicial action.”

In vs.2 we read, “He had a little book open in His hand.” Here we see an angel holding an open book. In chapter five, Jehovah holds in His right hand a closed seven sealed book or scroll. A natural question arises, why closed in chapter 5 and open in ch,10?. “In the former, hitherto unrevealed counsels of God are successively disclosed by the Lamb, whereas in the latter, “the book is open as part of well known prophecy and now brought to a direct issue on known ground.” (WS).

About the term “a little open book” H.A. Ironside opines, “There have been various speculations as to what this book might be; but it seems to me, it could be no other than the very book we have had before us heretofore. It is the title deed to the earth, the seals of which have been broken one after the other until the entire scroll is seen unrolled. The Lord descends with all the evidences of divine majesty and with this title deed in His hand, He sets His right foot upon the sea and His left foot upon the earth; as indicative of taking possession of His own inheritance-that inheritance, which as Man on earth, He has redeemed with His own precious blood.”

The natural order is “the earth and sea” (5:13, 7:1-3, 12:13, 14:9). But here in verse 2, the order is reversed. Walter Scot observes, “The earth denotes the civilized portion of the globe. The sea refers to the masses of mankind in an unformed, uncivilized condition. But in our passage, the sea and the turbulent heathen is first named. Is it random or divine precision that the right foot is set down on the rebellious nations and peoples and the left on the professed scene of light and government? How firm the tread of the angel? How complete the action! How thorough the subjugation of all to Him.!

In Vs.3, we read, “He cried with a loud voice as when a lion roars.” The angel and the Lion of the tribe of Judah are one and the same. It is the voice of Christ. I am told that in the jungles, the roar of a lion can be heard 10 miles away. Accompanying the act of the angel, we have the voice of His majesty and power, heard and witnessed all over the world, causing intense terror throughout the whole earth. (Hos.11:10, Joel 3:16). The Psalmist says, “He sends out His voice, a mighty voice.” (Ps.68:33).

When He cried out, seven thunders uttered their voices. The “thunder” speaks of judgment. Walter Scot observes, “The cry of the angel was a cry to Jehovah, which is immediately answered. The answer is one of power and judgment. Thunder is God’s voice in judgement, the expression of His authority therein (ISam.7:10, Ps.18:13, Job 26:14). The seven thunders, intimate a full and perfect response to the angel’s cry. The seven gives precision and definiteness to the answering voices of the thunders. It was not a crash like the thunder of nature; but these thunders intelligently expressed the mind of the God of judgment; they uttered their own voices.” (W.S)

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