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Timothy Sarkar


My name is Timothy Sarkar and I come from West Bengal. I was born in 1999 and brought up in a Christian family. My father is an evangelist in Burdwan district of W.B. I learned about Jesus Christ from my childhood through my parents. In 2006, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and I got baptized in 2014. Even though I got saved, I did not know how a Christian should live. Though I understood my call for God's ministry, I tried to avoid and started to think about my future. In my college days I was backslided. But my Lord was faithful to me, and by his love He brought me back to the faith again.

From my childhood after my salvation I wanted to study in a Bible College to know about God more; but I never had the opportunity in my life. So I thought maybe God does not want me to study in a Bible College. Then I went to do a secular job in Pune in 2020. After I did my job for 6 months Corona started spreading in India and lockdown happened. I prayed to God to know the will of God in my life. And God again made me to realize that He has better plans for me and He wants me to do His ministry. From that place, He brought me back to my native place miraculously and through my father led me to study in Stewards Bible College. By God’s grace I could complete two years here and now am in third year; God willing I will be graduated in April- 2024. As per God's call and will, I would like to do His ministry in the place where He leads me to do. Please pray for me, my ministry, and my family.


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