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Atulya Prashant Masih, Rajnandgaon.

Brother mentions that the twelve families from surrounding areas are a blessing for their recently established assembly in Asha Nagar. A co-worker by name Selvakumar M. moved to U.P. for ministry purposes with his family. Brother also gives thanks to God for his mother’s improvement in health following her surgery for breast cancer last year. Prayers are requested

Balamurugan C, Surguja

In Ambikapur and other locations, our brother requests prayers for the Emmaus correspondence course ministry. Additionally, the weekly ministry and juvenile youth ministries are going on well. The building of their church hall has been stopped due to paucity of funds; please pray for its completion.


Xavier Antony, Bharuch.

Brother says that the ministries in Bharuch and the nearby villages are progressing well, by God’s grace. On September 10th, ten believers in Bharuch were baptized and added to the Assembly fellowship. They request our prayers so they can witness Christ.


Sasi V.K, Faridabad

Both he and his wife have been suffering with health problems, particularly with his wife’s chronic kidney disease. Prayers are solicited for the daily hospital needs as treatment is given on a daily basis.


Vikas Das, Sahibgnaj.

According to our Brother, they had been preaching the gospel door to door in Barharwa every week. In January-24, they have scheduled a team outreach event at the same location. They really need to purchase the Santhali Bible and other literatures in Hindi. Prayers are requested in support of these efforts

Samir Jha, Sahebganj.

Our brother’s wife is not keeping well; she had a surgery last year and is still being monitored by doctors due to a gland cancer, which she has been fighting since 2020. Please keep her in your prayers for her speedy recovery.

Edwin Murmu, Amrapara Pakur.

Brother says that, by God’s grace, their ministry continues to grow and that they have been blessed with some new souls. Sunil Mohli, one of the assembly members, has a heart ailment. Requests for the prayers of the saints.


Paramesh. B,Mysuru.

Brother reports that all ministries are going well in their assembly. Recently, five believers were baptized and added to the fellowship. Please pray for their spiritual growth in faith as well as the conviction of one more family that has been hearing God’s word on a regular basis.

Venkatesha Murthy G, Mysore.

By the grace of God, they were able to organize a wonderful youth meet programme in September-23, which was a blessing to many young people. In addition, the Lord added a new family to their church. Brother thanks the Lord for a new opportunity to share the word of God in a Roman Catholic institution. They solicit for prayers


By God’s grace, their ministries are doing well, particularly in Ballur, a recently established village. In November, they had organized and carried out a gospel meeting. So they hope that our prayers will be answered in this regard.

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