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              Facts from the Field



Georgy Jacob, Port Blair.

Brother asks for constant prayer for full recovery from his foot drop issue and thanks God for allowing him to do some ministry. By the grace of God, he is able to visit nearby places for Bible studies and run children’s clubs.

Abi Joseph, Mayabunder

Our brother updates us on the status of his ministry at Mayabunder and asks for our fervent prayers for the various meetings taking place there as well as for his parents, who are advanced in age.


Mark Aseervadam, Prakasam

By the grace of God, our brother says, the Lord’s ministry is going on well. He also provides an update on his health, saying that his eye surgery and face stroke are improving. He kindly requests for our prayers.

Joshua K, Prakasam

The ministries at Yerrabalem assembly are going on well. They held a street gospel gathering recently giving out tracts and New Testament Bibles. Requests for our prayers for those who came to hear the Word that they may accept and believe the truths. They request for our prayers in this respect; and they have begun a new assembly gathering at Cumbum.

Devabhushanam B, Kurnool.

According to our brother, the outreach programmes have recently been started in 20 different villages. Prayers are requested for their upcoming outreach plans that they may bear fruits.

Daniel. A, Anantapur.

In the Rolla Manda, Sathaya Sai district, where Brother Immanuel works, they held a one-day gospel meeting. There, the religious fundamentalists had been opposing them. Nevertheless, the Lord continues to add new souls into the church, and these people have been worshipping the Lord regularly. Brother requests our sincere prayers.


Peter Kuldeep, Dhemaji.

Brother says that, by the grace of God, he and the ministries there are doing well. A get-together meeting has been scheduled for December 1-3 this year. Prayers are solicited.


Ashok Kumar, Muzaffarpur.

By God’s grace, they had a profitable ministry in three districts from September 15th to 19th with the assistance of the YMEF team and other evangelists. In an outreach conducted separately by the local church in an unreached area, where a local man came to know Christ as his Saviour. Prayers are requested for him.

Niranjan Kumar Paswan, Munger.

The Lord is working incredible things there. He asks us to pray for his hospitalized brother, Vipen, who suffers from brain stroke.

Amar Kumar, Kishanganj

Brother reports that their ministry is doing well because of God’s grace and it’s true that He had blessed them with new souls. God gave them the opportunity to conduct a Biblical Eldership training programme in his assembly. God made use of the two guest speakers, namely, Bro. Revanth and Bro. George Mattackal.


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