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Facts from the Field



Selvakumar G.Campbell Bay

Brother informs that they conducted Gospel meetings from October first week to January first week in eight places in Nicobar Islands and requests prayers for the follow up works.


Andhra Pradesh


Chikkile Dhanaraju, Amabajipeta

He requests prayers for his house which is under construction and also for his children’s education.

Devabhushanam, Kurnool

They had a special meeting from 11th to 13th of February-2022. Many people heard the Word. Prayers are solicited for the seed sown in their hearts.

Nagaraju P. Kurnool

Our brother had a fall from his bike on November 20th and was on treatment and rest for some time. Prayers are sought for his complete recovery.




Hariom Kumar, Patna

They had a Gospel meeting on December 25th--2021 in which around 100 people gathered and heard the message; by His grace some people believed in the Lord. Prayers are requested for them.

John Sunil Raj, Shampur

In the month of December-2021, two people believed and were added to the assembly. A few others are also interested in the Gospel. Please pray for them.

Paswan R.S, Muzaffarpur

He covets the prayers for his wife who is not well and undergoing treatment. Also remember his son and family who are doing ministry along with him.


Ramji Sahani, Muzaffarpur

Brother and his family had been affected by fungus for the past six months and are on treatment. Last year three people were saved through his ministries and they are in fellowship now. He requests the saints to uphold these ministries and the health of his family in prayers.

Ravi Sankar Prasad, Chottikeshpur.

They had conducted a one day outreach program on 17th February-2022 and brother Abadh Bihari Lal ministered from the Word. Many people heard the Word and were blessed. Prayers sought.




Aman Kumar, Mohad Dongargaon

In the Gospel meeting which they had on 27th November-2021, around 40 people gathered and listened to the Word. Prayers are sought for their salvation.

Robinson Roat, Raigarh

He informs that many new believers are eagerly waiting to obey the Lord in the waters of baptism. Prayers are sought for these new believers that at a suitable time they could be baptised.




Samson P, Chakradarpur.

From 12th December-2021 to 1st January-2022, they conducted Bible study camps for new believers at Chakradharpur and on 25th 33 believers testified the Lord in waters of baptism. From 2nd to 29th of January-2022 they conducted Bible study camps for the village assemblies. Prayers are sought for all these efforts to bear fruit.

Shailendra Murmu, Sitapahar

He informs that twenty new believers were added to the assembly in the recent past. Prayers are sought that they be firm in the faith; Also, please remember their need of a new assembly hall.

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