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Editorial- Koshy Zachariah

Worldliness creeps into the life of a Christian believer, with the worldly association. This happens when he has not kept the solemn word of God” Come out, and be separate”( 2 Cor. 6:17) as the guiding factor. The allurements of this world are so fascinating to any person including a Christian believer, but his safeguard is the word of God. “When the world smiles, we are in danger of being attracted; but when it frowns, we are driven away from it into our stronghold; and this is both happy and healthful “(CHM). This is where the word of God will come to our rescue when read and meditated consistently and faithfully. Many a believers do not find time to attend the worship meeting on a Sunday morning, what to say of Bible study and prayer meeting. Naturally such people are in the trap of the devil who looks for opportunities to deceive them with enticing things of this world. Many start well in their Christian faith but ends up in uncertainty of their solid faith.

We have a wonderful example of this in the life of Jehoshaphat mentioned in 2 Chronicles 17. He not only retains the conquests of ASA, his father, but does a lot in the interests of his kingdom.” Now the Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he walked in the former ways of his father David; he did not seek the Baals, but sought the God of his father, and walked in His commandments and not according to the acts of Israel. Therefore the Lord established his kingdom in his hand; and all Judah gave presents to Jehoshaphat and he had riches and honor in abundance. And his heart took delight in the ways of the Lord; moreover he removed the high places and wooden images from Judah”(Vs 3-6). Here we see the secret of his prosperity “his heart was lifted in the ways of the Lord “.

However, we see his downfall, away from God, as the devil uses his prosperity as a snare. “Jehoshaphat had riches and honor in abundance; and by marriage he allied himself with Ahab” 18:1. Jehoshaphat’s kingdom is fortified against Ahab’s hostilities, but his heart lies open to Ahab’s allurements.

The first sliding step from the word “be ye separate”. Definitely his conscience would have spoken to him; after all he is the one who fortified against Israel in the beginning. But he would have assured himself “through the marriage alliance, I would win over Israel to God. Worldly wisdom! Compromising heart! Then Jehoshaphat was enticed by the grand feast of Ahab, killing sheep and oxen in abundance, to the hearts’ content of the former.” Satan knows his ground; he knows where the seed of evil has taken root; he knows the heart that is prepared to respond to his temptation; he knew that the affinity into which the king of Judah had entered with the king of Israel had prepared him for further steps in a downward course. When a Christian enters into connection with the world, he lays himself open to be persuaded by the world to enter upon an unchristian course of action. David took Ziklag from Achish( 1 Sam 27:6), and the next step was to join Achish against Israel ( 1 Sam 28:1)” ( CHM)

It happens many a time, a Christian joins hands with the world for purpose of religion or of benevolence, and he is compromising. In marriage an alliance with an unbeliever is a retrograde step and is the simple way to worldliness and spiritual unhappiness

A prayerful life backed by the consistent reading the word of God is most precious. They guide all the way, instruct at all times. They would help you to desist from entangling with worldliness.


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